23. srp 2012.

Once upon a time five boys, without any bad intentions, only with dreams, illusions and some dose of rebellion, were united by music.They tried their chance on Xfactor, just like thousands of people did.They fought for their dream and they did it. Their passion got through all the adversities of life.Niall, Liam, Louis, Zayn and Harry: 5 people in the middle of thousands, 5 teenagers, that no one believed, but that wasn’t a reason to give up.They became a band; they made everyone proud, happy and gave strength to millions of people, from the entire world. They got together and they made magic: “the dream was now a reality.” The band and the fans are united since July 23rd of 2010.The fans give them help, protection. They’re always there for them, they made this happen. The band is their support, gives them help for another day. And today, they are a family, united for unbreakable ties.And as in many fairytales, any history that starts with “once upon a time”, the only possible end is “and they lived happily ever after”. Even if we know that one day, everything might change, even if we will miss all these moments, today we are happy and proud to share the story of these 5 boys that conquered our hearts.It’s been two years since the dream has started, and the only thing we can wish for, is more and more years to come: more happiness, more proud, more music, and more smiles. ♥

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