28. srp 2012.

Dear Nialls futute girlfriend;
Let me tell you something, Niall has been waiting for you for so long and please don't hurt him, please take care of him. Don't make him cry, be there for him when he needs somebody, comfort him, make him laugh when he's sad. Don't play with his heart. You will be the luckiest girl on earth. When Niall finds you, he will be the happiest person on earth. All I'm asking you to do is take care of him, don't let anyone hurt him. Please. He's our special snowflake and we can't stand seeing him sad. You're Nialls princess, his life, his everything. He's the sweetest person I know. Always stand by his side. He will love you more than anything and I hope you love him like he loves you. Especially, don't break his heart. ♥

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